The Importance of Backup Datat Recovery for Your Business

What Is BDR?

BDR stands for Backup/Disaster Recovery and refers to the systematic archiving of data that can be retrieved in the event of damage or a loss. You can think of BDR as insurance for your data. And just like with other types of insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, small businesses often underestimate the the importance of BDR.

A major misconception businesses have is backup disaster recovery is reserved for a natural disaster or a catastrophic event. The truth is, any incident that renders your business data inaccessible is a disaster. Luckily, there are backup systems your business can implement to reduce the amount of downtime incurred.

Why Your Business Needs a BDR Solution

A few weeks ago, a Computer Troubleshooters customer experienced an issue that took their server down. Upon further investigation, the server was rendered inoperable. The issue was discovered right at the beginning of a busy workday. Fortunately, this customer had a BDR solution in place. Within a couple of hours, their business was back up and running. A Computer Troubleshooters technician was able to configure their BDR device to function as a server until their main server could be repaired.

It turns out, the customer’s main server needed to be repaired by the manufacturer, which took 5 days from the initial discovery of the issue. Could your business afford to be down for a whole week? Most businesses would suffer being down for just a few hours.

The above example serves as only one of the many scenarios of unforeseen issues that would cause a server or other essential workstations to go down. If your business doesn’t have a backup solution, you potentially face hours, days, or weeks of downtime. Most businesses could not afford to be down for long periods of time without suffering some type of loss.

backup disaster recovery chart
Do you know what an hour of downtime could cost your business? Many small business owners underestimate all the factors that contribute to the cost of downtime. This graph gives you a better understanding of average losses per hour.

According to the Infrascale study, 46 percent of the participants experienced downtime to essential parts of their business just within the last six months. Possibly, it wouldn’t be a major disaster if your business was down for just a few hours, or even a day. Though you risk greatly increasing your downtime if you have no backup solution at all.

bdr solutionImplement Your BDR Solution

The first step in implementing a BDR solution for your business is an assessment. A technology expert that possesses the skills and knowledge to assess your business and provide the right solutions is recommended.

Computer Troubleshooters in Leominster is equipped to provide the best BDR solution for your business.

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